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For over 25 years Buyastone, Inc. has been your full-service resource for providing customers with the quality jewelry they desire.  With the retail market so flooded with sellers of jewelry of poor quality at low prices, the future of fine jewelers is in; offering true value to customers. Buyastone uses the highest quality materials combined with superior craftsmanship to assure the production of jewelry that you will be proud to sell and your customers will be proud to own. Your knowledge and expertise in assisting customers in the purchase of jewelry, in partnership with Buyastone's commitment to quality and precision, enables you to sell jewelry that will last a lifetime, and beyond.

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In 3 Easy Steps!

Buyastone, Inc. is offering a new and exciting, high-tech service. By using the CAD-CAM Buyastone can provide you with a single point of contact for all of your custom jewelry needs. No more modified mountings. No more guesswork. By using the CAD-CAM process we are able to create the design that you or your customer desires around the stones that are chosen. Our simple 3 step process assures that you and your customer will be able to design a piece, have final approval of the design, and receive an exquisite piece of custom jewelry.

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Upload a digital image or a sketch of the piece or pieces you wish to create.


The rendition will be sent to you via e-mail. This is when you may make any changes you wish.


Once the rendition is approved the piece or pieces will be created.

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Balancing innovative technology with traditional techniques of ancient metal casting, Buy A Stone rings require the latest technologies of modern 3D printing to capture the complexity of the lattice designs.

The intersecting lines form enclosures, making the rings impossible to manufacture using common methods of molding. Instead, each metal ring begins as a wax ring that is printed using a high precision 3D printer. Taking hours to print, this unique 3D printer creates layers of two different materials, one material is support, and the other comprises the castable wax ring. After heating, the support material melts away to reveal the delicate wax ring.

The wax ring is then cast using an ancient "lost-wax" casting technique, in which the wax ring is placed in an investment plaster to create a single-use mold. Using a centrifuge, the molten metal is forced into the mold to fill every intricate intersection. Each ring is then finished by hand.

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Mark Stone has been in the jewelry industry since 1992. Since then, he has been selling custom jewelry to stores and clients around the United States. He creates unique custom pieces by leveraging the latest in CAD-CAM technology and his process begins when you send him a sketch or photo of the piece you desire. This sketch or photo can be sent via email or delivered in person. Once you've agreed on the vision, a 3D rendering will be sent back to you for any changes. Once Mark has your approval, the wax is grown, the piece is casted, and then the stones are set. Most pieces are completed within two weeks. We do allow customers to reuse there old gold and stones to recreate there desired piece.


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